Review: City of bones by Cassandra Clare

A few weeks ago the sneek previews and the teaser of the tv show Shadowhunters (premieres januari 12, 2016) were released. So I thought I would post my review of City of bones to celebrate this!

I picked this book up, because my sister has got it and I just finished reading the infernal devices. I was a little bit nervous to start the book to be honest, because I loved the infernal devices trilogy and I heard that the mortal instruments wasn’t as good as those books. Maybe I should’ve started with the mortal instruments, but the plot of the infernal devices just appealed more to me.

The two different series are set in the same world. A world where shadowhunters live amongst demons, werewolves, vampires and other creatures. How awesome is that! I think the world-building is just amazing. Continue reading