The Random Tag

Therandomtag2So I got tagged by the lovely Mariana over at fireheartbooks to do the Random tag. This tag was created by the also lovely Georgia from booksandothermiracles. You should definitely check out their blogs! This tag is not book related, it are just some random and fun questions to answer.


What is your favorite food?

It has to be something with rice and chicken or Chinese food in general. I love Chinese food. But I love any kind of food actually..

What are you having for dinner tonight/ what did you have for dinner tonight?

Chinese food!! Happy me, haha.

Who was the last person you emailed?

Haha it actually was the contact person of a Dutch web shop, because something was wrong with the book I had ordered and I had to return it.

What sports do you do?

I dance! I used to play soccer too, but I got an injury and I had to stop.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I can play the trumpet.. As a child I had always wanted to play the flute, but they didn’t need a flutist anymore and they said I could play the trumpet, so I did. And after a few months I actually really enjoyed it and I haven’t got any regrets for choosing to play the trumpet instead. Although it isn’t very charming XD

Do you have any pet hates?

A lot. But most of all I hate it when I can hear people eating. Arghh. That really annoys me.


I tag:

Loreva @labookdreamer



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