My favourite TV series #1: Sleepy Hollow

Besides reading books, I also enjoy watching TV series and movies. I literally watch anything, from thrillers to feel-good-movies and series. I thought making a list of my favourite TV series as a start would be a fun idea, so I can share my opinions and feelings about them and maybe get you guys out there hooked on a new TV series. And the other way around of course, so tell me if you have got any recommendations.

Sleepy Hollow (season one)

Airing on: FOX


Source: IMDB

Episodes: 13

Length episode: 45 min.

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama

Stars: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, John Noble


My Rating: 9/10

Tagline: Evil takes hold

One of my favourite TV series is Sleepy Hollow. It is based on the novel by Washington Irving, first published in 1820. So it’s a classic. This series has got everything! “Time travelling”, witchcraft, demons, legends, such as the four horseman and many more very exciting things.

Sleepy hollow follows a man called Ichabod Crane (isn’t that the most beautiful name you have ever heard?). He is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. And now Ichabod Crane has to fight the headless horseman once again as it endangers the people of today’s sleepy hollow.

Sleepy Hollow is mysterious, thrilling, exciting and even funny. Because Ichabod Crane is from the past, he doesn’t know how to behave and dress the way the people do today and how new devices, such as phones and cars, work. And he can be a stubborn man at some times. Which all makes for a lot of funny situations. The series is also really mysterious and you have to make sure you keep your attention to the story, because it can be very complicated sometimes. But that’s what makes the series also very interesting. So I’m saying that it is a positive thing. I love stories with more layers, so that it won’t become superficial. All the things happening in the TV series are in some way connected to each other, while at first sight they don’t seem to be. But it all will become clearer while the TV series continues.

Note;  At some points Sleepy Hollow can be creepy and eerie. But I like that, though.

Sleepy Hollow also has some very interesting characters. To begin with Ichabod Crane himself. Little by little you get to know him better and what his life was like in the past. He is a humorous guy, but also very determined and brave. Not only is Ichabod Crane a very interesting character, the other main characters, agent Abbie Mills whom Ichabod teams up with and her sister Jenny Mills are very interesting. Mostly due to what happened to them. It has changed their relationship and attitude towards each other and it has connected them to everything that is happening in Sleepy Hollow.

So I’m hoping Netflix will release the next season soon, because I have waited long enough and season one ends with a cliff-hanger,  so I need season two now. Especially when season three has already started yet!


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